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Software Developer, Fort Meade, MD  

Candidates shall have an Associates Degree OR equivalent in related field with a minimum of five (5) years task related experience.  Experience with the UNIX and LINUX environment, product testing, and technical documentation. Experiene with specific software areas, GUI, Relational Databases, experiences with WEB and GUI specific programming, shell scripting, JAVA, C and C++.  Experience in agile and classical methods, implemetnation from business needs or formal requirements.  Experience with architectures such as client/server, and distributed processing. Experience with Software Life Cycle Support, experience with Intergrated Development Environment and knowledge of JDeveloper, knowledge of Application Developer Framework.


Software Engineer II, Fort Meade, MD

Candidates shall have a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Information Systems, Mathematics or 5 years of full time Computer Science work that can be substituted for the BS degree. Candidates should have 5 years experience supporting software architecture development, requirements analysis, process execution, and evaluation, selection and evaluation of COTS/GOTS tools, and system integration activities (with both new and legacy systems); Three (3) years experience in applicable programming languages such as the following: JAVA, C++ or C, J2EE, Perl or JavaScript; Must have the the ability to do scripting. Working knowledge of Configuration Management (CM) tools and strong knowledge of Web Services Implementation.


Software Intermediate Engineer II, Fort Meade, MD

Candidates shall have a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or have a least six years of demonstratable experience with intergrating, installing, configuring, upgrading, compiling and supporting COTS/GOTS software in a heterogeneous operating system environment.  Or the individual shall have five years full time Computer Science directly related work that can be substituted.  Candidates will utilize technologies to ease software development and deployment while researching, integrating and maintaining software in those areas.  Candidates will also need to determine a secure configuration of those products.  Examples products in this ares include:  OpenStack, OpenShift, Apache Mesos, and Docker.


Software Intermediate Engineer II, Fort Meade, MD

Candidate is required to have a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and six years of experience.  The ideal candidate will have a strong systems adminstration background, with an understanding of network, storage and server architectures.  They will also need to have basic scripting languages, so they are able to implement the enterprise monitoring capabilities, able to develop and deply system monitoring tools, like: Nagios, Ganglia, NetQoS, HP NMMI, etc.  


System Admin II, Fort Meade, MD

Candidate shall have a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and five years of demonstratable experience in systems administration and support of a large client server based IT enterprise.  Or the individual shall have five years of full time computer science work which can substitute for the Bachelor's degree and have  five years of demonstratable experience in systems administration and support of a large client server based IT enterprise.   This experience shall include: creating, modifying and deleting user accounts, performing system back-ups, and maintaining system configurations.  Individuals shall have a fundamental understanding of operating systems and be familiar with either UNIX or commands or utlilities at the user level.  Also experience shall include the installation and configuration of hardware, operating systems, and commercial software packages.  Individuals shall be able to develop and implement enterprise backup/recovery strategies, server configuration and consolidation, and verification of the health and status of the entire IT infrastructure.  Individual shall be able to provide support for enterprise services such as DNS, NFS and email. 


Software Engineer II, Fort Meade, MD

Candidates must have the following experience in developing software for a Unix or Linux Environment, using a unit test framework, using a build automation tool, using distributed revision control and source code management tools.  Distributed computing concepts, conventions, and best practices.   Experience in one or more of the following programming languages: Enterprise Java Development (J2EE), Object Oriented design/development, Eclipse or Spring Source Tool Suite Integrated Development Environments (IDE), Python (versions 2 and 3) iClient and server network programming, Python extensions using the Python C API, C/C++, client and server network programming, wrapping C/C++ libraries using ctypes.


Candidates should be proficient in some or all of the following skills: 

a. Java, Spring Framework, Spring Integration, Groovy, JavaScript, Python (version 2 and 3), C/C++.

b. Web/UI: Apache Tomcat, Tornado, Grails, Node.js.

c. Relational Database Management System: PostgresSQL, MySQL.

d. Data Cloud technologies: Hadoop framework, Hbase or Accummulo, MongoDB

e. Integration/Messaging: JMS Messaging and AMQP Messaging.

f. Business Rules Engines.

g. Infrastructure: Monitoring tools, Zookeeper.

h. Software Documentation: Javadoc, Sphinx, Doxygen.

i. Software Development Management: Altassian, Bamboo/Clover/Confluence/Crowd/Crucible/FishEye/Greenhopper/JIRA/Stash, and Nexus.

j. Continuous integration.

k. Unix or Linux shell scripting.

l. Network programming.

m. Agile test driven development.




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